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Here’s wishing everyone a Happy New Year!
May all our dreams come true! Keeping fighting!

The pilgrims have had a busy and crazy 2008. We’re now in the midst of developing a slate of films but it is still too early to say more. We have hoped to post here more often (so many things happening to talk about) but there just isn’t enough time!¬†

Okay, a new year resolution – find time to post. ūüôā


If you’ve missed TRUTH BE TOLD on Arts Central, or want to catch the movie in its entirety (the TV version is heavily-edited to be dialect-free. There are wholes scenes removed just for that reason), it’ll be shown at the Celebrate Drama! 2008 festival.

The details:

Screening #1
Date: 16 August 2008, Saturday
Time: 7.30pm (short introduction by us before the screening)
Venue: The Arts House, Screening Room
Ticket Price: $7.00

Screening #2
Date  17 August 2008, Sunday
Time: 12.30pm (followed by Q&A with us)
Venue: The Arts House, Screening Room
Ticket Price: $7.00 

For ticketing information, click here.
For more information about the festival, click here.

TRUTH BE TOLD will be showing on Arts Central! Our film is the first in a series under the FilmArt @ 10: Local Films.

Date: 3 August 2008 (Sunday)
Time: 10pm 
Channel: MediaCorp Arts Central

Check out the programme schedule here.

And try spotting the TV trailers! We’ve caught it on Arts Central and Channel 8.

EventDV-April 2008
Us on the front covers of EventDV magazine’s April 2008 issue


Pilgrim Pictures is on the front covers of a US-based magazine, EventDV!

EventDV, The Authority for Event Videographers serves the professional event videography business with columns written by leaders in the field, detailed case studies and profiles of commercial facilities and services, and in-depth analyses of key issues facing event, corporate and institutional videographers. It also covers the tools and technologies of digital video production and post-production.

The article about us is also available online. Read it here.

Great Women of our Time Awards 2008
Jen Nee, as featured in the January 2008 issue of The Singapore Women’s Weekly magazine


Our pilgrim Jen Nee is nominated for the Great Women of our Time Awards, under the Arts and Media category! Organised by The Singapore Women’s Weekly magazine and into its¬†3rd year, this event honours a new generation of women – outstanding achievers who are driven by their passion for excellence. It seeks to recognise excellence, leadership and performance across 6 categories: Arts & Media, Finance & Commerce, Education & Public Service, Science & Technology, Health, Sports & Wellness, and Design & Style.

Look up the April 2008 issue of The Singapore Women’s Weekly magazine for more details on¬†how to support Jen Nee with your SMS vote.

Early this month, it was announced that Mr. Man Shu Sum, Director of Singapore Film Commission (SFC), and Director of Strategic Relations of Media Development Authority of Singapore will be resigning from his posts on May 14 to head Mark Burnett Productions Asia as Chief Executive Officer.

For those not in the know, read it here:

And just in – replacing him as Director of SFC will be ex-GV MD Kenneth Tan. He will also be Chief Operating Officer at MDA. Read it here:

Besides such high-profile “movements”, there’s also been personnel changes industry-wide. We like to term it as “musical chairs”¬†– Person A left Company A to join Company B where Person B has left to join Company C where Person C is leaving to join Company A! Is it due to¬†the buoyant economy? It tends to be an employee’s market when times are good – like now.¬†¬†

Us being new in this industry, it seems this wave of change is just one of many that happens every now and then. On the surface, there seems to be alot of changes but beneath it all, is there really any change?

I guess only time will tell…

3 cheers to Singapore!


We’ve gotten the above decal from a Mobil petrol station. Go grab yours!

Winning the bid to host¬†is more than a sporting milestone but it has so much potential in every other¬†form – from economic through to cultural. It’ll definitely create more jobs for sure.

We’re excited¬†with the¬†potential¬†of what¬†this¬†world sporting event will mean for us – sports-related movies and¬†TV programmes. Already this year, because of the Beijing Olympics, there’s a slew of sports-related movies¬†coming up. The first¬†to start the ball rolling (literally!)¬†in Singapore cinemas is¬†KUNG FU DUNK¬†starring Jay Chou.¬†Another basketball movie coming up is Will Ferrell’s SEMI-PRO. I’ve heard there’s another basketball film from China. And then there’s a sports movie from South Korea about a women’s handball team (but I’ve no idea whether it’ll make it to Singapore shores).

Kung Fu Dunk Semi-Pro Forever the Moment

At the homefront,¬†there’s a soccer movie titled KALLANG ROAR.

We’ve also one in development although I can’t comment¬†further at this moment.

But with the Youth Olympic Games in 2010, we may yet see a similar wave (albeit a smaller one) of sports-theme movies coming¬†this way…


Latest news – Golden Village’s Managing Director Kenneth Tan is leaving the multiplex chain. Read about it here:

How will this affect local indie filmmakers? Tons, but hopefully, our conjecture is wrong.

Kenneth Tan is a strong supporter of local films and with him leaving Golden Village, there may be uncertainities to the fate of our local independent feature films getting a release in Singapore.

Sure, we have more venues to exhibit our films than before but nothing beats getting a “commerical” release in a cineplex like Golden Village, which has a market share of more than 45%, and a really good chance for indie filmmakers to reach out to the general public.

Let’s hope and pray that his resignation will not retard or u-turn the wonderful development of exhibition and distribution of our independent films in our own market. It has only been in¬†recent years, especially the past year, that alot of indie films got exposure in commercial distribution. We’ve been¬†through a steep learning curve and I only wish that we have more chances to learn even more¬†to be adept at this game.

DVD Promo

Need a Christmas gift? Our video release is out! Please continue to support our movie and bring home TRUTH BE TOLD dvds or vcds! ūüôā


  • English & Chinese subtitles
  • 5.1 surround sound
  • The Making Of
  • Trailers
  • Short film DOLLHOUSE

We’re pretty excited about the dvd release for a few reasons.

One – TRUTH BE TOLD is digitally mastered and comes with a 5.1 surround soundtrack which it was originally mixed for. For those who’ve watched the film in the cinemas, it was only in stereo as we couldn’t afford the Dolby license for the theatrical release.

Two – we’ve also managed to release our short film DOLLHOUSE! This short was a precursor to TRUTH BE TOLD. We’ve tested filming on HD and working with the team on this short before embarking on the feature.

Three – it’s great to see our movie packaged in its cute little DVD box and to add that to our personal video collection. Finally something on the shelf that contains our work! And it’s definitely easier and we look more “serious” when bringing that around than a DIY DVD screener (or 5 bulky reels of 35mm film!)

DVD & VCD release date: 27 November 2007
Available at: TS Video / Poh Kim Video
Distributor: Scorpio East

I’m sure most people would have heard of it or better yet, log online to watch the video by now. If not, here it is:

A few weeks ago before the hype erupted, Eng Tiong received a call from a reporter soliciting comments on the MDA video. We’re like, “Huh? What MDA video?” The reporter promptly sent¬†us¬†the link.¬†

The first image of senior MDA officers prancing around to a rap song – we fell off our chairs! It’s a strange mix of shock, surprised, confused, hair-standing-on-end, laugh-out-loud, what-the-hell-is-going-on??!! and¬†strange curiousity¬†that made us¬†crawl back up for a closer look.

Most people who’ve seen it¬†hated it. Negative comments¬†such as MDA is trying too hard to¬†be cool; MDA is wasting taxpayers’¬†$, MDA is this, MDA is that… Well, maybe all are¬†pretty much¬†valid points.

I’m one who’s definitely critical and Eng Tiong truly believes I’m born¬†a pessimist.¬†But surprisingly, I thought rather positively of this video. Let’s put it this way: at¬†the least, now MDA knows how it feels like to put a piece of work up for an audience and be judged for what it is, or is not,¬†by the audience. We filmmakers (and our actors) face that all the time. It’s quite a nerve-wrecking¬†experience.¬†Being the policymakers¬†for our¬†media industry, I think it’s a good “bad” experience¬†for them to be in our shoes for a change.

But the most important thing I hope the management did in making the video is to have fun!¬†One thing that I’ve learnt from the making of TRUTH BE TOLD is to have fun. Afterall, for goodness’ sake, I’m doing something that I love!

Now that we’re¬†preparing our next feature project, we’ve shared this philosophy of fun with our director. He totally agreed and we’ve been having lots of fun developing the script.¬†We’re definitely toying with the idea of putting a music video¬†as part of the rolling end credits, starring all cast and crew. Go ahead, judge us then! ūüôā

And now, my ratings for the MDA Senior Management Rap: 3/5 (Keep it up! Practice makes perfect!)

And here’s another video¬†worth checking out – a parody called MDArena¬†:

p.s. rumour has it that there’s another video¬†featuring the rest of the MDA staff…¬†